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Leather Assortment 

Environment : All our Leather are pure vegetable tanned or with an environmentally safe tanning process produced.
Healthcare : All our Leather according to the PCP-regulation and produced without AZO colors.
Block pricing : The volume related prices for leather are directly visible: 1/2 skin, 25m², 100m² / Please log in, if you are a business customer.
Upholstery Leather
Cushion Leather

New Cownappa Ancona:
53,90 €/m²

Harness Leather, Saddle Leather
Harness Leather
vegetable tanned steer leather for
Bag- Saddle- Medieval goods
Upholstery Leather
Belt Leather
Belt Leather

The leather are chosen so as to
offer the highest tensile strength
Horse Nappa Leather
Garment Leather
Local Costume Leather

New Billy Goat Nubuk:
 4,90 €/qfs

Leather for goods as bags and shoes
Split Leather
Fine natural scarring, covered
with an even surface or foiled
Automotive Leather
Auto Leather
Auto Leather

New Auto Leather SPA:
35,90 €/m²

Airline - Boat Industry Leather
Airline Leather

Fulfills requirements in the Design
Industry for Airline and Boat

Embossed Leather
Crocodile Leather

Croc- and Ostrich embossed
Nappa Upholstery Leather

Stock lots leather
Leather Stock lots
Assorted leather, torn pieces,
sheep suede for crafting

Additional Leather
Falconry- kangaroo leather, silver
coated, purse makers leather
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